Buying and Selling Domains, Last Minute Bidders

Buying and Selling Domain Names- The Last Minute Bidder

Everyone has their own method of bidding at domain auctions. Especially those auctions held at the large domain marketplaces such as Flippa, Namepro’s, and Sedo. Each Premium Domain Marketplace has their own set of rules on how they react to last minute bidders, rather that be to add more time once a last minute bid is made or to allow these sneaky fox’s to snipe these domains at prices which could be a deal.

I recently ran across an article at NamePro’s of one complaining about people bidding as soon as an auction starts. For example, you list a domain at auction at Plus Domain Club and it is to last 30 days. A bidder comes along and bids day one. This raises attention to this domain. It hints that you may be selling a good domain and more bidders may notice this and begin watching the listing. If you are the seller, this is a great thing and could bring the outcome of a higher sale price.

Now everybody has the domain on their watchlist :xf.cry:

Because of you >:(

How can someone be so dumb.

You've invited more competition, if few people saw the auction you would've had better chance at winning it for cheap. How stupid you are. :xf.frown: